Get involved in your hood

Funding revitalization projects in under-served communities.

Our Mission

Livelihood is a socially + ethically conscious, weekend-wear apparel company that is inspired by and gives back to extraordinary, everyday people. Livelihood creatively supports and encourages communities across the Nation to remain connected, collaborative, and courageous, both in fashion and in life.


Livelihood believes that everyday people are unique and powerful–that they have the ability to take control of their lives and their destiny through social justice and civic engagement. We celebrate individuals across the United States which make up communities that are unified through resilience and support.

How We Help To Create Change

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these organic-cotton, Made in the U.S.A. hoodies, and 100% of the profits from the launch, will be deposited on a quarterly basis into a community foundation to be accessed by residents in two chosen zip codes across the United States. The first zip codes chosen are 20020 (Anacostia) + 19802 (Riverside, Wilmington, DE).

Livelihood will soon be accepting applications from communities across the United States, for the chance to receive up to 12 months of funding for a wide range of community and human service initiatives and projects that improve economic advancement in local communities.

Livelihood is not about me, it’s about, We. This is a brand that is all-inclusive, non-partisan, and empowering. The goal is to educate one another about economic inequality in the United States, celebrate extraordinary everyday people, provide funding for economic advancement, restore decision making at the community level, and provide cozy, functional, and sleek hoodies.

-Ashley Biden, Founder of Livelihood

Our Partners